Author: Miss Eva Vavoom

You Should Make Her Dinner Instead

Guys, isn’t it great that you live in a world that provides you with a restaurant every 10 feet? The modern world exists so that young men no longer have to grow into adults by learning to take care of their own damn self. Permadolescence is a fantastic lifestyle built on the shoulders of the greatest achievement of the 20th Century: Adolescence. There is a caveat though, since Permadolescence is co-opted by marketers of low-value high-margin goods and services, it can be quite expensive. Permadolescents are a new demographic, and they have a lot of gripes with the real...

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Ben is Making Stuff

Yesterday when Ben published the demo video for his zapping Altoid tin I realized he has only 1000 subscribers. I found Ben among the similar videos not so long ago but never checked whether or not he was well known. Ben leverages pain, DIY and explosions just like all the other YouTubers out there but he has not yet been fully discovered in the Youtube DIY universe. So go see Ben and subscribe to him 🙂 You can submit videos by Youtubers you love via the content submission...

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Amy Herman On Visual Intelligence

An interesting podcast to help you with the 2016 Summer Term Paper

Amy Herman on Visual Intelligence

How well do you see? I don’t mean just what’s there, but also what’s not there? Amy Herman has spent years training people how to see patterns and nuance in works of art, and today she’s going to help us improve our perception with tips from her new book Visual Intelligence. The Accidental Creative is a podcast by Todd Henry. (Affiliate link supports The Accidental Creative by Todd...

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Coyote Peterson is The Next Steve Irwin

Henchlings, I wanted to make sure you know who Coyote Peterson is. When I first encountered Coyote on Breaking Trail, I didn’t really know what to make of him. Now, I understand how he is excellent at his job. But, make no mistake, he is the next Steve Irwin. And by that I mean someone who is goofy, likeable and awesome, will become world famous and die in a spectacular manner doing what he is passionate about. I know it’s a weird thing to say, so I will move on… Coyote gallivants through the world talking about animals in...

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BuzzFeed’s Try Guys Get Put Through The ZacEffronator™

Eugene Yang and the rest of the Try Guys are my heroes of the week. In this video, the Try Guys get put through the ZacEffronator™ an amazing machine that swallows all men you thought were relatable, friendly and handsome, and turns them into superheroes so buffed, they’ll remind you of dildoes. Yes, this transformation is mandatory in Hollywood, if one wants to get a big action-movie-of-the-week paycheck. It happened to Chris Pratt, John Krasinski and before them, Ryan Reynolds. The idealistic Zac Effron look is available to any man who is paid to work out 3-6 hours a day and contractually obligated...

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