Eugene Yang and the rest of the Try Guys are my heroes of the week.

In this video, the Try Guys get put through the ZacEffronator™ an amazing machine that swallows all men you thought were relatable, friendly and handsome, and turns them into superheroes so buffed, they’ll remind you of dildoes. Yes, this transformation is mandatory in Hollywood, if one wants to get a big action-movie-of-the-week paycheck. It happened to Chris Pratt, John Krasinski and before them, Ryan Reynolds. The idealistic Zac Effron look is available to any man who is paid to work out 3-6 hours a day and contractually obligated to attain a certain look for a movie project. Wouldn’t you want to live under the constant surveillance of personal trainers who actually work for your boss? I think going through the ZachGalifianakisator™ must be more fun. Or at least it gives you more time in your day for pondering funny things. In the end I am glad nobody shaved Zach Kornfeld.

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