The Douchebag Overlord is the final boss in the game of life.

A very powerful entity who can dictate how all people should live their life. The D.O. is more of a concept than a specific person. It is the system of supremacy that dictates what is good and what is bad. It’s the system that tells you, who you are supposed to oppress for their benefit. It’s the people who dictate what is important and what isn’t. The collaboration of men and women is required to build a world that is dedicated to the quality of life of the D.O. In the game of World Domination, the Douchebag Overlord is Miss Vavoom’s ultimate nemesis. One does not run into Douchebag Overlords often. They are guarded by buffers and mostly occupied with Fluffers (I will explain who these people are later).

Douchebag Overlords are also pestered by a certain type of minion. The Dicktators. Dicktators are the people in your life who are very starstruck with the lavish lifestyle of the Douchebag Overlord and will do anything to get an invitation to that party and that often means oppressing you as hard as they can.