Henchlings, it is important that you follow the rules outlined below when using this website.


Miss Vavoom would like you (her devoted henchlings) to be safe online and protect your personal information. She requires as little information as possible in order to provide you with education and entertainment. She will always do whatever she can to make sure the info you submit remains safe. However, this simple promise, sadly, makes your information more valuable to vandals. Therefore, you should always use a nickname and a private email address unrelated to your work or school to communicate here. You should follow these very simple guidelines everywhere on the internet.


Session cookies are used by default. WordPress will set various test and sessions cookies. We do  track malicious activities, spam bots, botnets and other undesired actors when necessary.

Mind Control Technology

All of Miss Vavoom’s medias and websites contain secret messages, subliminal directives, systems tests and system instructions related to D.E.R.E.K., her global mind control technology. Miss Vavoom developed D.E.R.E.K. in her role as co-founder of the International Network of Penis Technologists (INePT). D.E.R.E.K. is funded by World Domination Megacorp. This powerful technology is currently under beta testing and only available to Miss Vavoom’s personal Henchmen. Henchlings who are in the process of applying to become Henchboys will have access to this technology via a powerful enhancement kit containing a custom made mind control chip. DISCLAIMER: Some people are very susceptible to Miss Vavoom’s mind control technology and react in ways they cannot help, even without an enhancement kit. If you suspect that Miss Vavoom is controlling your mind, please contact the D.E.R.E.K. Support Team at INEP.tech.


All communications sent to Miss Vavoom becomes her property.

She will always keep your communications confidential, unless they fall into one of the two categories below.

1. Questions sent via the online form for discussion in the blog or on the show.

2. Inappropriate communication, sent via any means. This may include, but is not limited to off-topic, threatening or illegal messages. All senders of inappropriate communications are subject to punishment and/or fines.