Content warning: Victimization of men.

UPDATE [September 9, 2016] I am looking to update these instructions with comments I have received this summer. This project will never be ‘the least you can do’, therefore it is hard, non-obvious and takes time. I will never hand out an easy piece of homework.

Henchlings, this summer, your term paper involves becoming an advocate for male victims of sexual violence! Being a victim’s advocate is, possibly, the hardest and least obvious thing one can ever do. Knowing this, Miss Vavoom has configured this social engineering homework to create a difference in your area but remain anonymous. Perhaps one day you can help someone through this process in person, but, in the meantime, these instructions will let you hack Google to display useful information for men in your area.

So read on to find out how!


  1. You will conduct an independent audit of services for male victims of rape and sexual assault in your area.
  2. You will assess the process that victims need to go through to report an aggression and obtain all the required follow-up services.

Once you have gathered all your documentation :

  1. You will create an anonymous blog that specifically targets male survivors of rape in your area*.
  2. You will assess whether or not the services you have documented are appropriate.
  3. You will use your website statistics to enrich your recommendations (if any) and bravely march into your local representative’s office to present your findings.

* Miss Vavoom will grade your assignment at this point and call you (if you wish) to ask you about your experience and listen to your feedback about the process. She may help you with the next steps listed depending on your findings.

DISCLAIMER: The goal of this study is to help victims obtain proper counselling and care, it does not specifically address the prosecution of the offender, just the early steps of obtaining care and reporting the crime.


This audit cannot cover all manners of sexual misconduct, or ongoing sexual abuse or incest. It is also not specifically intended for on campus sexual violence as they are addressed in a different manner that varies widely from campus to campus. For the purpose of this study, it is important that you limit your documentation to one clientèle because you will be writing a report addressed to a specific group. This doesn’t make any other clientèle less worthy. But the work is immense and one has to start somewhere.


If you are a victim of sexual abuse yourself, it is important that you take a step back and consider how this work could affect you adversely. You are strongly advised to, instead, use the procedure below to seek out caregivers for yourself.


Before preparing your canned intro, think about whether or not you want to conduct this audit anonymously or using a pseudonym. “Hi, I’m calling for a friend” may not be the right way to initiate contact. It is important that you state the reason for your call. Survivor services exist mainly to serve survivors. Your requests will always be considered less important than survivor requests. It is fine to say “Hi, my name is John, I am a student doing an audit on services for male survivors of rape and sexual assault in this county/city/town”.


The best thing you can do for yourself is find a sidekick. Ask a female or male friend to support you through this. In all instances where you are terrified to go talk to people in person, take them along. Their job is to stand next to you, and smile when you introduce them as your research assistant. They should remain quiet at all times, listen intently at the subject you are interviewing and take notes. You can still conduct this project by yourself, or seek help along the way, just remember that it will be emotionally taxing. If you are under 18, consider telling your parents or a trusted relative about your participation in this project. You are 100% allowed to say that this is your idea ! You are 100% allowed to keep all the credits ! Miss Vavoom will never ask you to link to this site from your finished report !


In order to foster trust and help your process, do not carry a camera, or takes notes using a computer. Do not record your conversations with the people you met along the way. Keep your phone on silent in your pocket. Use a booklet to record your findings. You are documenting a process which is probably flawed. You are trying to find the path of least resistance within this process. You will publish documentation to encourage male survivors to seek out the help they need. Services cannot improve if people do not use them. Survivor services cannot exist if people are shamed and terrified into never seeking help for their sexual injuries. Make people feel safe and you will gather better insight. Attacking or antagonising the people you meet along the way will surely not help in this process. When refused, walk away and try again at a later time, perhaps using a different method. Remember that all the people you will contact have some kind of PR department, when all else fails, seek them out.


At this point you will create a gmail address with a non-descript name (i.e. [email protected]) and register a Blogger blog titled “Male Survivor of Rape Services in My Town, My County, My State”. You will post the following message.

“My name is John S., I am currently conducting an audit of the services for male survivors of rape and sexual assault in My Town, My County, My State”. The results will be published here. This process is voluntary and may take a while. If you are in need of emergency services please call RAINN (800-656-HOPE). You may send media inquiries to [email protected]

You will install Google Analytics and turn on demographic tracking.

You will produce small cards with your name (or pseudonym), your email address and the URL of the site. It is okay if this is just small printed or handwritten pieces of paper.


Now when victims ask for professional support it is always wise to provide the number for RAINN (800-656-HOPE). They are definitely the one-stop shop for all requests concerning rape, sexual assault and incest in the United States. But it would be too easy to say, there you go, problem solved. What RAINN does, other than providing confidential listening services, is to refer you to local services. You can call RAINN to obtain the local name of organizations that provide survivor services in your area. Call RAINN, ask “What are the services for male victims of rape and assault in my area?” Make note of all suggestions. Set aside.

Another source of support for men when it comes to sexual health is Planned Parenthood. You’d think PP is a service for the ladies given how hard they’ve had it over the past few years trying to provide sexual health services to women! While Planned Parenthood doesn’t specifically list survivor services, they provide medical checkups. Getting a medical checkup is an early part of aftercare for victims of assault. Another great thing about Planned Parenthood is that they know about the local services for victims of abuse. Call the closest Planned Parenthood and ask them “Can you provide early medical care for a male victim of sexual assault, if they do not have insurance or cannot get to a hospital.” Ask “What can a male survivor of rape or sexual assault expect if he shows up at Planned Parenthood to request help.” Also ask “Can you tell me about all the male survivor of rape services that you know of in my area?” Document how one gets to Planned Parenthood from where you are by car or public transportation. Try to find out how much a taxi or Uber would cost.

At this point you may realize that there are, in fact, lots of services for male victims of rape and sexual assault (even though they are not acknowledged widely.) You may want to call it a day. If you do, post the information you have found on your blog (see the formatting section for guidance) and write to Miss Vavoom to request your grade. Miss Vavoom is very familiar with how emotionally taxing it is to advocate for victims of crimes. You should never proceed beyond your ability to cope given your support system. Everybody’s situation is different.

Next you will look at immediate services that can be sought out by victims. Notably, the police and hospital. Now we get into the really gritty stuff. Remember that you will encounter people who will be surprised that you are making this effort. They will even tell you about their story, or their experience as caregivers. Some nice people will even ask you why you bother doing this if it’s not your very own problem. It is okay to say “Yes, I know, this is a really depressing assignment but I am doing my best to power through it. Your help is appreciated.” When you encounter would-be allies, take down their contact info, you may need to ask them their opinion or to help you fact check your final document.

Clinics usually deal with scheduled care. You can see what they offer later. You should go to the closest big hospital with an emergency room. Ask them “What happens to male victims of rape and sexual assault when they come to the ER or are brought by EMTs.” Take down the name of the care specialist if one is mentioned. In fact, ask who oversees the treatment for sexual trauma victims. Take down the name of the top care professional on staff (the other person’s boss.) Don’t bother ER staff too long ! Contact the care specialist mentioned and schedule an interview. You will ask them about the procedures for male survivors of rape and sexual assault at the hospital (this is likely exactly the same for all genders, take notes). You will ask them about statistics. Try to find out how many victims of sexual assault (suspected or confirmed) they serve each year by age range. It is important that you get these stats for all genders, it could be useful down the road. Mentioning these stats in your report is helpful because it helps victims understand that they are not alone. Also, one of the greatest motivators for victims to report is to prevent others from suffering the same fate. Ultimately, you are trying to document “What to expect when going to Hospital X in My Town, My County, My State, for male victims of rape and sexual assault”.

The police may intervene in cases of rape or sexual assault at many steps. Either they will be called to the scene of an attack. They could be called to the hospital after a victim is brought in. Or they could be asked to take down a statement at the office when a victim files a report. Since in the first two cases, the victim should be cared for primarily by the hospital staff, you will concentrate on the third procedure: filing a report. Now this is one of those situations where the victim is 100% responsible for deciding to do it or not. It is believed that reporting rate for rape is very low because of how frightening the report process is thought to be. But one cannot really know how it will be until they report. And, as someone who is merely reporting the best case scenario procedure that the police will tell you, it is impossible to know what this feels like for a victim to report at this particular precinct (unless you ask one or 10). To add even more pressure on victims is the fact that most will know their attacker. So reporting may bring with it, immediate loss of privacy and anonymity, in addition to the potential reprisal of neighbours, family, acquaintances. However, by publishing the procedure of filing a criminal complaint at your local precinct may trigger an onslaught of comments on your blog about people’s personal experiences. Men and women have been awfully served when it comes to reporting rape and getting survivor services, not necessarily because such services do not exist, but because of the attitude of people who are supposed to take this sort of criminal complaint into the system. Also, bear in mind that the people who have most to lose by acknowledging that abuse happens to others are those who are silenced victims themselves and cannot get the proper help for whatever reason. Always bear that in mind when you encounter people who are turned inside out and seem angered by the process of doing their job in the face of your questions or of a rape victim. Being a victim of abuse with no hope for care or healing (out of shame or fear) is exactly the fate we are trying to avoid by doing this exercise.

Wow, you have just completed the most difficult part of the assignment. Now you must list the satellite services in your area for male victims of rape and assault.

All those satellite services that you gathered when you contacted RAINN and Planned Parenthood.
Advocate and companion services. These are people who accompany those seeking care to their medical appointments. You may find that a local organisation that accompanies women to pregnancy termination services or the elderly to medical appointments will accept to accompany male victims of rape and sexual abuse to the police or the hospital. You should ask.
Specific services geared towards victim advocacy. The FBI offers services to victims of crimes. Call them to ask about such services in your area. Call them and ask them about their services.
Lawyers who specialize in advocating for victims of sexual harassment. These people advertise. Call them and ask about their male clientele and what they can do for them.

These services can have such a variety of names that it is hard to give out useful keywords to find them. But if the services listed above do not exist, make a note of it or make a note of how far they are.

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Take a deep breath and take a small vacation from this work.

Compile your documentation into the following posts (as they apply). The titles are suggestions, the idea is that they should contain words that someone would search when looking for help in your area. The location is important as well as the words Male Victim of Rape or Sexual Assault.

Male victims of Rape and Sexual Assault in My Town, My County, My State, there is help.

Planned Parenthood is not just for women’s Sexual Health, They serve Guys Too.

What to expect when you go to Hospital X in My Town, My County, My State as a man victim of rape or sexual assault.

What to expect when you go to Police Station X in My Town, My County, My State as a man victim of rape or sexual assault.

Survivor services in My Town, My County, My State as a man victim of rape or sexual assault.

My Experience Compiling This Information Over the past X months.

Henchling, at this point you should contact Miss Vavoom to obtain your grade and feedback. Miss Vavoom truly hopes that she will be inundated with such requests and develop a backlog of projects to review ! But regardless of this, henchling, you have done good for your community and you should be proud.

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