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Updated January 28, 2016


The tone of this blog is intentional. The attack on the artificial concept of masculinity is intentional. The nomenclature and characterization of leading voices in masculinity and world domination is intentional. The big words are intentional. The invented words are intentional. The complete lack of blaming feminists for all your problems is intentional. The Female Supremacist affect is intentional. The writing in the third person is intentional.


Miss Vavoom has a staff who cull and organize your content for internal projects. Read the rules. You can send her questions about all aspects of life. But you should not assume that she will read your grievances. Be precise and brief in your question. Miss Vavoom does not owe you any attention regardless of the effort you have put into your communication.

Miss Vavoom is the only sexual education professional who offers a provably anonymous sex 2.0 counseling service. If you must Ask a Dominatrix.

If your needs are urgent, please contact A Suicide Hotline at in the U.S. or in Canada. Regardless of the severity or urgency of your problem, they are experts at helping you find the appropriate advocate or professional in your area.


Yes. You may contribute to this site. Miss Vavoom is interested in how you overcame aspects of adulthood you were never prepared for. She will consider content on consumerism, money, sex, relationships, higher education, parenting or dealing with disability, neurodifference, mental health issues, passion projects. Most of all she is interested in your skills and passion at developing knowledge and abilities. You can send your submission to [email protected] with the subject SUBMISSION: Title or concept of your submission (yes this subject line makes Miss Vavoom giggle.) You may also submit contently already published via the contact form. Your name, location and byline MUST BE included as you wish they would appear on the site.


Miss Vavoom is interested in all religions, including organized and un-organized religions old and new. Religious practice remains important to people the world over but its dogma affects young people in their everyday life. Miss Vavoom is very irreligious but fervently agnostic. Don’t get Miss Vavoom started on religion.


Miss Vavoom does not currently have an education track outside of BDSM and sex 2.0. Yes, Miss Vavoom is that lady who travels to New York, Toronto and Montreal to teach the only class in the world about Cock Bondage. This funny class mainly aimed at Distinguished and Esteemed Lifestyle Dominas is available through your local organizer of sex workshops. You know that sex-positive place in your town, whatever it is called. Give them money. Attend ALL the classes that are appropriate to your lifestyle and THEN ask them to request Miss Vavoom’s visit via her contact form. Include your phone number to be contacted by Miss Vavoom’s favorite henchman.

Miss Vavoom in the developer of a unique educational presentation software that allows interactivity during the discussion of taboo subjects. This unique tool is meant to make providing feedback and asking questions less embarrassing.

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People who leverage insincerity to troll Miss Vavoom via any means may find themselves trolled back in sophisticated and bewildering ways, humiliated or reported to real world authorities… or ignored. Miss Vavoom is, unfortunately, experienced at discussing terrible online behavior directed at herself or specific young people with mortified parents. Read the rules.


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Miss Vavoom has already completed various stints as a decorative professional. She has heard all the positive and negative comments about her person she could ever care to hear. Your obsession with women’s bodies and appearance is the least of her worries. She will send you a bill for the effort of rolling her eyes at all your requests for photos. Enjoy her avatar.


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